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Victims of the Image

Steven Heller has created a powerful and compelling presentation on racism in advertising and design called Victims of the Image: Ethnic and Racial Stereotyping in American Popular Art. I regularly show it to my History of Graphic Design classes, and I feel it is something any American consumer should see. We are very used to some of these images (Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Cleveland Indians, etc) that it behooves us as members of a visual and consumer culture to call out racism where as it is. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Heller for compiling this profoundly uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary, presentation.


Here are the other videos in the series:
SVA MFA Designer as Author: Paul Rand Lecture Series

Design Finds

I spent a couple hours in Garders Books in Tulsa last Friday looking at book jackets. I bought an armload of these, but couldn’t take home all the books I wanted. I found the best covers in the science section, a few keepers in philosophy, including a Paul Rand cover for The Modern Temper, and a particularly disturbing cover for a book about Bill & Hillary. Yikes. Anyway, have a look, and get out and find some design treasures.

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Torche & Big Business

I was really thrilled to make a poster for two of my favorite bands in the world: Torche & Big Business. I wanted it to be intense, the way their music is intense. I also wanted it to be unique to screen-printing. I had wanted to do a bunch of stuff that ended up  not happening, like glow-in-the-dark ink, and printing a dotted line on the back where people could cut out the face and use it as a mask. Maybe next time. I did, however, work in some metallic gold which makes the moiré background really crazy to look at. And I cut one of the posters into a mask and sent it to the band. If you happen to be in Denver on July 31st, do not miss this show!



Get these mobile wallpapers!

I’m uploading a bunch of iPhone/iPod wallpapers for peoples.
Get ’em while they’re hot!

Visit this site with your mobile device, tap & hold to download the images, and then go to your photo library and choose to set as your wallpaper. They work best as lock-screen wallpaper, but do as you please.


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