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Let’s talk about album covers & screen-printing…

Amos - Showtime

I’m not sure how the people at Sounds of Subterrania got my info, but they were kind enough to invite me to participate in a pretty awesome thing going on for the release of a new album on their label: AMOS – Showtime.

And to be perfectly honest, I had not heard of AMOS before this project. But immediately upon seeing his website, and listening to some preview tracks they provided for the invited participants, I was fully on-board. He’s got a pretty distinct look, and an equally distinct and amazing sound. Watch and listen here: AMOS on Facebook.

Essentially, the project consists of a group of artists and designers who were invited to create album covers for AMOS’ new album called “Showtime.” Each artist was mailed a blank LP sleeve onto which they were to create their design. I found this pretty intimidating, considering I was planning on screen-printing onto mine, and fixing screen-printed mistakes isn’t particularly fun. I guess if I needed a second cover I could have asked for one, but I really wanted to get it right the first time. More about that later.

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Let’s talk about posters & screen-printing…

I really like screen-printing (most of the time).

I love completing a project from design to finished print, and I really enjoy all the intricate steps that fall between the beginning and the end. Like most forms of printmaking, there are plenty of steps in the process that can make your print more interesting, and can make you bash your head against the wall in frustration. These are not mutually exclusive.

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The store is back!

Slowly but surely I’m re-building the store section of the site. What I’ve currently re-loaded isn’t all of it. There will be more. Also, please let me know if there are any bugs. I’m using a new-ish cart/checkout system and I’m not able to test it completely. THANKS!