Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in process, experimentation, and intuition. And I believe in my role as a facilitator. I believe that I can connect students with the histories, resources, materials, and processes that can lead to great art and design. I have spent years designing and printing posters, experimenting with image-making process, creating gallery installations, and defining and discovering where I fit in the world of art and design. I draw on that experience when I teach, pushing student-designers to think bigger and better, and to find their own voice.

Students often enter the university wanting to know how to make art. They want to know the techniques for making the kinds of images they like. So I think they need to spend time learning those techniques, and getting familiar with the tools of the trade. But there should come a point where they no longer wonder how, but why they make art, and what is their point-of-view.

I believe in asking questions, rather than answering them. I believe in learning by doing. I also believe in pushing students to sometimes figure things out on their own.

Most of all, I believe that students are capable of more than they think. It is my job to lead them to that realization, and make them believe it, too.

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