Here’s Lookin’ At You

HERE’S LOOKIN’ AT YOU May 2016 Charles Adams Studio Project Lubbock, TX I’ve been interested in hand-printed wallpaper since my thesis exhibition in 2008, and this installation was a continuation of that medium. I designed and printed five wallpaper patterns, as well as installing a few textiles and hand-made books. The wallpaper patterns were focused […]

It’s All Over

IT’S ALL OVER 2014 Springfield Museum of Art Springfield, MO In 2014, I was honored to have been selected to represent the state of Oklahoma in the Biennial Four by Four 2014: Midwest Invitational Exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, MO. I created three new hand-printed silkscreen wallpapers which were installed in vertical stripes […]


PROCESSED January 2013 Living Arts of Tulsa Tulsa, OK This exhibition took place at Living Arts of Tulsa in January of 2013, and featured four hand-printed silkscreen wallpaper samples and eight wooden saw blades featuring bits and pieces of those patterns. This was the first time I had designed, printed, and installed the wallpaper in a way […]

Universal Remote

UNIVERSAL REMOTE May 2006 Lincoln, NE University of Nebraska-Lincoln I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 2003-2006. This was my thesis exhibition. I had been investigating design as art and vice versa, so this exhibition was comprised of many of those sorts of objects. The back wall of each of two galleries was covered with […]

Beta Shampoo

BETA SHAMPOO March 2007 College of the Ozarks Boger Gallery Point Lookout, MO In 2007 I returned to my alma mater to exhibit some of the silkscreen posters I had created in the years prior, and to install a new wallpaper project. At this point, the wallpaper was still printed sheet-by-sheet, and installed in 2×2 […]

Lens Flare

Lens Flare August 2005 Tugboat Gallery Lincoln, NE This exhibition took place during my time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at Tugboat Gallery. I was playing with ideas of creating large-scale work that was easy to transport and store. This lead to the idea of projected images, other light-based work, and installation of screenprinted test-prints […]

Art In Transit

Art In Transit 2015 Tulsa, OK Beginning in 2013, Tulsa Transit and AcrobatAnt, a local advertising agency, teamed up to spotlight creativity and boost ridership with their Art in Transit contest. Art in Transit promotes art and artists of all types by making their creations moving, working parts of the urban environment. Putting art in […]


Book Covers Over the years, I have been very lucky to work with a number of extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and trusting individuals. I have designed book covers working with authors and publishers and friends. Most notably, I have worked with Octopus Books, Black Ocean, and Sarabande Books (amongst others) to create what I hope are […]


Posters I’ve been designing and screen-printing posters since about 2006. I’ve been lucky to design for many of my favorite bands, and for some of my friends and their great bands. I grew up in love with music, and wanted to find my place in it. But as I am not particularly talented as a […]

Music Packaging

Music PackagingAfter designing posters for a few bands, I became involved with music packaging, as well. In fact, I’ve been involved with music packaging since I designed my own mixtape and cd packages, but it has been quite fulfilling to design for full-size gatefold LPs.However, it is kind of a weird time to be involved […]

Type Development

TYPE DEVELOPMENT I have been interested in type development since early in my undergrad studies under Marcus Melton, who introduced me to Fontographer in the late 90s. I made a few clunky fonts back then, both of which have been lost to digital history. If I recall correctly, one was an attempt at a Russian […]